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Harness the power of community

If there's one thing I learned from previously running 100 free, outdoor boot camps in Singapore, it's that fitness is all about the people.

Motivating yourself isn't always easy, especially when you're the only one pushing yourself to be active. If that sounds like you, group workouts are likely an excellent option to help you start or maintain your fitness journey.

They're a chance for you to find your people, become part of a tribe, and join an active and vibrant fitness community that will help energise you each week.

As a certified personal trainer, I'll programme challenging group workouts that challenge your body through cardiovascular and muscular training.

Group workouts are generally held in the CBD area of Singapore and occur on weekday evenings or weekend mornings. Ensure you come prepared with a towel and water for a sweaty and exhilarating 45–60-minute workout.

Root Fitness Run Club

The Root Fitness Run Club is a great option for both inexperienced and experienced runners to improve or maintain their fitness.

Whether you're working towards your first marathon or just want some company while out for a jog, we have the run for you.

We host 1 run each week, alternating between Low- and High-intensity sessions:

Low. Short-to-medium distance. Low-to-moderate intensity. Perfect for inexperienced runners, to improve cardiovascular endurance, or to improve aerobic performance.

High. Medium-to-long distance. Moderate-to-high intensity. Perfect for experienced runners looking for more of a challenge and to improve aerobic and anaerobic performance.


Before each run, the planned meeting point, route, distance, and pace will be shared on WhatsApp.


Our 2024 Mount Kinabalu hike is now full. Register your interest to receive updates about future fitness challenges.


Strength-focused boot camp

Where: Tanjong Pagar Fitness Corner (Google Maps)

When: Thursday evening from 19.15 to 20.15

Maximum capacity: 15


Conveniently located near Outram Park (5-min walk), Tanjong Pagar (5-min walk), and Maxwell (7-min walk) MRT stations, Root Fitness and FitBeat are excited to invite you to the ultimate outdoor strength experience.

Say goodbye to endless cardio and embrace a power-packed 60-minute outdoor boot camp focused on muscular training.

This boot camp is suitable for all fitness levels as it primarily uses only body weight and TRX exercises to challenge your muscles with precision and control.

Join us for a fitness experience – where strength, community, and Singapore's great outdoors come together. Are you ready to gain some serious muscle? Book online with Vibefam.

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