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Sweat, plunge, and make new connections with our unique monthly collaboration with Cold Plunge SG and Thrively


Challenge yourself

When was the last time you truly challenged yourself?

If you're still trying to remember, then it's about time you pushed your limits as you embark on a journey of physical and mental discovery, improvement, and genuine human connections.

In this unique monthly collaboration, we partner with Cold Plunge SG, a start-up that provides 1-degree ice baths in short and manageable sessions, and Thrively, a start-up led by an ACC-certified life coach fostering communities and a sense of belonging.

Once per month, we give you the chance to experience an engaging boot camp, an exhilarating recovery, and a safe space to reflect on your experience and meet like-minded individuals. This is offered at a substantially discounted price compared to purchasing each experience individually.

What to expect

8.00–8.45 am

Start your morning with Root Fitness as we challenge your body with an invigorating partner-based outdoor workout at Tanjong Pagar Fitness Corner. The workout is suitable for both novice and experienced exercisers.


9.30–10.30 am

Immerse yourself in the icy waters of a 1-degree ice bath guided by Cold Plunge SG at Ann Siang Hill. Gloves and boots are provided if you're concerned about the water being too cold!


10.30– 11.30 am

Warm up with a complimentary cup of coffee or tea and healthy refreshments as you connect with others over insightful conversations led by Thrively. This is also hosted at Ann Siang Hill.


Timings may be subject to change. We recommend joining our WhatsApp community to ensure you have the latest details.


What to bring

For the outdoor workout, we recommend wearing suitable workout attire and bringing a small towel plus water to hydrate.

A large, fresh towel is provided by Cold Plunge SG but you'll need to wear suitable swimwear to change into.

Finally, bring a fresh set of warm clothing for the refreshments and discussion. We strongly recommend a thicker sweater, jumper, or hoodie as you may be quite cold after the ice bath!

"I loved how the activities are arranged and how close and accessible everything is. Overall, the organizers did a great job of putting everything together. It was great to meet so many new people and have intimate discussions in such a comfortable setting."

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