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Creating a healthier and happier lifestyle goes beyond just hitting the gym weekly; it's about having a supportive network of experts by your side to keep you on track and motivated. This network spans the health continuum, from nutrition to assessments and recovery. These are Singapore-based services I've handpicked and wholeheartedly recommend, complete with exclusive discounts.


10% off Green Kitchen

I've sampled my fair share of meal plans in Singapore and Green Kitchen consistently tops the charts in the taste department. While they might not be the cheapest option, with each meal costing around $23, let me assure you that it's worth every cent.


Get 10% off your first Green Kitchen order using referral code ROOTF10.


10% off Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros is hands down one of the better and most budget-friendly meal plans in Singapore. With meals priced at just around S$12, they'll not only satisfy your taste buds but also your wallet. What sets them apart is their incredible meal customisation options and precise macro calculations.

These plans are perfect for carnivores and seafood lovers, however, vegetarians or vegans will struggle.

Get 10% off your first Yummy Bros order using referral code YB-ROOTFITNESS.


10% off health screenings

Health and fitness can be tracked and improved using specific physiological assessments. Stuart Bauld, Exercise Physiologist at The Strength Clinic Academy in Singapore, can provide you with an objective measurement of your current health and fitness status, as well as clear and concise action plans.

He achieves this through a comprehensive health screening that provides you with an accurate estimate of your Resting Metabolic Rate and measurements of all the silent risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. This includes body composition, blood pressure, lung function, and more.

I recommend health screening annually to ensure you stay on track with your health and performance. The total cost is $350+GST, but mention that Root Fitness referred you for 10% off.


10% off osteopathy

Sebastien Bodet is an osteopath and founder of Next Health & Fitness, and he's a cut above the rest.

As an ex-athlete, Sebastien understands more than most about the requirements of individuals with issues or deficiencies who wish to return to training, and it shows in his levels of service and attention to detail.

Mention that Root Fitness referred you for 10% off your first visit.


Dynamic stretching

Jeralyn is a stretch and massage therapist whose sessions are dynamic, ranging from massage techniques that alleviate muscle tension to joint mobilisation for greater flexibility.


Recurring sessions of gentle-to-intense stretches will help to improve overall performance, enhance comfort, and relieve stress. Jeralyn can practise from your home or her home in Tampines. Prices range from S$100 for 60 minutes to S$135 for 90 minutes (excluding travel costs).


20% off osteopathy

Aman Bancil is another excellent osteopath at Edge Healthcare, a progressive and evidence-based clinic in the CBD and Orchard.

Aman was previously a Second Dan black belt in karate and a kickboxing instructor, so he's a great choice if you are involved in or want to return to martial arts. He is interested in biomechanics and emphasises treating the root cause of any problem rather than just treating its symptoms.


When asking for Aman, mention that Root Fitness referred you for 20% off your first visit.

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